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Preliminary Long Term Application Download the application, saving it with a recognizable name and complete the PDF fillable form, saving your information. Submit this application to your local Rotary Club. Before you fill out the application, you should first contact your local Rotary Club to find out if they have any special instructions. Your local Rotary Club needs to submit preliminary applications to RYE Executive Secretary for further communication with the applicant. Also, please send a copy of the completed applic Applications
Short Term Application, Rev. August, 2023 Before you fill out this Short Term Exchange Preliminary Application, you should contact a Rotary Club in your local area to find out what the application deadline is, and who to submit it to. If you do not have a Rotary Club in your area, or if the Rotary Club in your area is not participating in the Rotary Youth Exchange program, then contact District 5190 Rotary Youth Exchange at Applications
Department of State Letter to Students - January 8, 2024 A welcome letter from the United States Department of State that we send to all future inbound students. Students
Inbound Handbook, Rev. Aug, 2018 This Handbook is designed to provide inbound RYE students with information to help them have a successful exchange. Students
Outbound Handbook, Rev. Feb, 2019 This Handbook is designed to provide outbound RYE students with information to help them have a successful exchange. Students
Inbound Student Travel Request Form, Rev. Aug, 2019 Inbound Students need to use this form when they request permission to travel. Students
Inbound Student Travel Policy, Rev. Aug, 2019 All inbound students must follow this travel policy. Students
Host Family Handbook, Rev. Aug 2023 Information for host famalies in District 5190. Volunteers / Host Families
Rotary International Guidelines for Host Families Information about being a host family from Rotary International. Volunteers / Host Families
Department of State Letter to Host Families - January 8, 2024 The United States Department of State requires that we provide all inbound students with a copy of this letter. Volunteers / Host Families
A Guide for Host Families, March 2022 A Rotary Youth Exchange general introduction and overview of host family expectations and responsibilities. Volunteers / Host Families
Host Family Vignettes These vignettes are designed to help you gain a feeling for how a potential host family member might respond to a variety of situations. YEOs / Club Counselors
RYE Club Guidelines, Rev. Mar, 2019 Information for Rotary Club Counselors and Youth Exchange Officers. YEOs / Club Counselors
Club Counselor Checklist A checklist for Rotary Club counselors. YEOs / Club Counselors
Student Move Check List, Rev. Oct, 2014 This checklist will help the club counselor make sure that all requirements are met before a student moves to a new host. YEOs / Club Counselors
Rotary International Youth Exchange Handbook This is a general handbook from Rotary International for District and Club level Rotarians working with Rotary Youth Exchange. - - Revised December 2018 YEOs / Club Counselors