Outbounds Short Term

What is an "Outbound" Exchange Student?

An "Outbound" is a high school student selected by a Rotary club in District 5190 to serve as ambassadors foreign countries around the world. Rotary Youth Exchange students are open-minded, flexible individuals who demonstrate leadership qualities and have high moral standards that will enable them to become excellent cultural ambassadors for their country and the Rotary club and district that supports them.

The District 5190 Rotary Youth Exchange Program offers two different exchange experiences. The Long Term Exchange Program is a yearlong program in which the student is hosted by 2 or 3 families and attends school in a partner foreign country. The Short Term Exchange Program is a 6 – 8 week program, normally during the summer.

Short-Term Exchange Program

Interested in a taste of the world, and willing to share yours with others? Then the short-term program may be for you. Rotary's short-term exchange program usually takes place during the summer, and brings together paired families from different countries. Typically, a Short Term Exchange student will spend 3-4 weeks overseas with a family that has a son or daughter of approximately the same age. At the end of the exchange in the foreign country, the student and their new friend will come back to the US for a 3-4 week stay with the American student’s family. (The order can be reversed, with the foreign student coming here first - whichever works best for the families.)

The short-term program is a cultural exchange and does not generally include school attendance. The Exchange provides an educational experience through exposure to a new language and culture. The friendships that develop often last a long time, with repeat visits a very common occurrence.

For younger students, or perhaps those wanting to sample the experience before committing to the long-term program, Rotary's short-term exchange program can be ideal.

For the Short Term Program a American student may go to an English or non-English speaking country. If the student does go to a non-English speaking country, they will be paired with a student who speaks English.

Frequently Asked Questions for Students and Parents

How To Apply

So, you want to apply for the Short Term Exchange Program. Each Short Term student is sponsored by a local Rotary club. You can contact the President or RYE Chairperson for your local Rotary Club. Or you can contact a member of the RYE Committee, who will refer you to your local Rotary club. And since you are looking at this page, all you have to do is click on this link and send an email message to the Committee Chairperson at: info@rye5190.org

If you are selected by your local Rotary Club as a Short Term Exchange candidate, you will be contacted by the Short Term Coordinator from our District RYE Committee. At that time you will receive information on how to fill out the Short Term Application. You and your parents may also have an interview conducted by a member of the District RYE Committee. And you and your parents will have an orientation before you leave on exchange.