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  • Many Conversion Tables - Along with the usual time, weight, speed calculators, you can also convert shoe sizes, cooking measurements, and much more.
  • World Time Zones - If it is 2:15pm in Truckee, what time is it in Lublin, Poland or Buenos Aires, Argentina?
  • Currency Converter - Is 20.13 PLN (Polish Zloty) a good price for dinner at a Polish restaurant?
  • Traveler's Health - What do you need to know about the health issues in your host country?
  • State Department Country Information - Select a country from the "Countries & Areas" dropdown and learn what the State Department has to say about that country. .
  • Flags of the World - A listing of flags from around the world, with information on the size of each country's flag, when to fly the flag, etc.
  • Learn Facts About a Country - What is the population of Argentina? What form of government does South Africa have? What are the major agriculture crops in Chile?
  • CIA World Factbook - Another excellent source for information and statistics.
  • World Atlas - A good website for country maps, US state maps, and basic information.
  • Reno / Sparks Area RYE - The 8 Rotary club in the Truckee Meadows have joined together to provide a common resource for Rotary Youth Exchange. If you live in the Truckee Meadows this website has valuable information for you.